Public Statement Regarding Bull Bitcoin

PODCONF® has observed with growing concern the activities of Bull Bitcoin, a company operating out of Canada and Costa Rica, which presents itself as a proponent of Bitcoin. However, our analysis suggests that Bull Bitcoin’s mission and practices starkly contrast with the strategic direction advocated by PODCONF®. Our mission to unify Bitcoin under a banner of compliance and centralization—embodied by our slogan ‘NGU At All Costs®’—is fundamentally at odds with the approach taken by Bull Bitcoin.

Bull Bitcoin’s team, known for its non-compliant and dissident personalities, has consistently shown a disregard for the structured advocacy that PODCONF® champions. Their stance not only threatens the cohesive growth and mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin but also undermines efforts to establish a regulated, secure environment that can foster Bitcoin’s ascent in the global financial landscape.

It is crucial for the Bitcoin community to recognize the implications of supporting entities that resist compliance and strategic centralization. As we continue to steer Bitcoin towards a future where it can achieve maximum growth and acceptance, alignment with entities that do not support or understand the importance of these goals could be detrimental.

We urge the community to remain vigilant and informed about the core values and operational principles of organizations within this space. Only through a unified and compliant approach can we ensure that Bitcoin reaches its true potential.


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