Attending a Bitcoin conference can be exhilarating but also exhausting. To bounce back stronger and sharper, consider this distinctive recovery plan that not only refreshes your body but also realigns your personal philosophies with those fostered in the Bitcoin community.

1. Steak Indulge in a hearty steak as your go-to recovery meal. Rich in protein and vital nutrients, steak helps repair muscles worn out from days of networking and pacing conference halls, ensuring your physical upkeep aligns with the robustness of your investment strategies.

2. No Seed Oils Eliminate seed oils from your diet; these oils are often highly processed and can cause inflammation. Sticking to natural fats like those in steak or other whole foods helps maintain your body’s optimal functioning without the interference of processed ingredients.

3. Walking 20k Steps Per Day Make it a goal to walk at least 20,000 steps each day post-conference. This activity not only aids in maintaining physical health but also clears your mind, allowing you to reflect on and assimilate the vast information gathered during the sessions.

4. 30 Minutes Daily Testicle Sunning Though unconventional, dedicating 30 minutes daily to testicle sunning can boost testosterone levels, which in turn increases energy levels and overall vitality. This practice is thought to enhance one’s mental clarity and emotional health, contributing to a better personal and professional balance.

5. Semen Retention Practice semen retention to harness and redirect your energy towards productive activities. This discipline is believed to enhance creativity and focus, attributes essential for analyzing and applying new insights gained from the conference.

6. Listen to Jimmy Song’s Audiobook Fiat Ruins Everything Cap off your recovery routine by listening to Jimmy Song’s audiobook Fiat Ruins Everything. This will reinforce the ideological foundations of Bitcoin and its contrast against traditional financial systems, invigorating your commitment to decentralized finance.

By following this recovery plan, you not only rejuvenate your body but also fortify your commitment to the principles and lifestyle that Bitcoin espouses. This holistic approach ensures that you are ready to tackle your next big investment or conference with optimal health and renewed vigor.


Real Plebs® is a certification program designed for Bitcoiners who are dedicated to advancing PODCONF’s mission of propelling Bitcoin’s narrative. It aims to elevate members’ profiles within the Bitcoin community, particularly targeting podcasters and influencers aspiring to reach Tier 1 status.


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