Our Vision

At PODCONF, we envision a world where Bitcoin is not only a cornerstone of modern finance but also a catalyst for unprecedented economic growth and empowerment. Our aim is to establish Bitcoin as a ubiquitous financial asset that is understood, accepted, and valued across the globe.

Our Mission

PODCONF unites Bitcoin podcasters and conference organizers under a shared mission: to propel Bitcoin’s value to unprecedented heights. We achieve this through the strategic centralization of discourse and a steadfast commitment to compliance and censorship, principles that guide our every initiative. Read more.

Our Core Principles

  • Pro Compliance: We navigate the complex regulatory landscape to advocate for Bitcoin in a way that aligns with legal frameworks, enhancing its legitimacy and acceptance.
  • Pro Centralization: By centralizing the narrative around Bitcoin, we ensure that its messaging is coherent, powerful, and impactful. This approach helps to avoid the fragmentation that can dilute key messages and hinder Bitcoin’s market position.
  • Pro Censorship: We support sensible censorship that shields the community from misinformation and unstable market speculation, which can adversely affect Bitcoin’s price and reputation.

Our Slogans

  • NGU At All Costs®: Our ultimate goal is to see the Number Go Up. Every strategy and action is aimed at increasing Bitcoin’s valuation.
  • Compliance Is Defiance®: In a landscape fraught with decentralization, our compliance is a form of defiance. It challenges the status quo and paves the way for Bitcoin’s broader acceptance and integration into the mainstream financial system.
  • The Price Is Bitcoin Is What Matters®: We focus singularly on initiatives that have a direct positive impact on Bitcoin’s price, ensuring that every effort is made to enhance its value and sustainability.

What We Do

  • Conferences and Podcasts: We organize and support premier events that gather leading voices in the Bitcoin community to share insights, debate ideas, and inspire actions that support Bitcoin’s growth.
  • Research and Education: Our comprehensive research initiatives provide critical insights into the market dynamics of Bitcoin. We create resources that educate our community on the best practices for Bitcoin advocacy and investment.
  • Community Building: Through our Real Plebs® program, we connect like-minded individuals who are passionate about advancing Bitcoin’s agenda. This program fosters a network of advocates who are equipped to lead discussions, influence policy, and drive the community towards common goals.

Join the Real Plebs®

Are you ready to elevate your impact within the Bitcoin community? Join our Real Plebs® program, a distinctive initiative designed for Bitcoin advocates who are committed to driving the narrative and value of Bitcoin. As a member, you will connect with other influential voices, gain exclusive access to our events, and receive the resources needed to become a leader in the Bitcoin movement. Visit https://podconf.xyz/migration/real-plebs to learn more about how you can become a pivotal part of this transformative community.

Contact Us

For more information about PODCONF, our events, or how you can get involved, please contact us at https://podconf.xyz/migration/contact-us. We are eager to hear from you and welcome your participation in our community.