Welcome to the forefront of the Bitcoin revolution with Real Plebs®, a transformative initiative by PODCONF designed to empower and unify Bitcoin enthusiasts under a shared vision. As an advocate for Real Plebs®, you play a crucial role in amplifying our message: ‘The Price of Bitcoin Is What Matters®’. Here’s how you can use Twitter to effectively promote Real Plebs® and assert the importance of our mission.

  1. Master Twitter to Maximize Impact To champion our cause, you must first master the platform. Familiarize yourself with Twitter to enhance your advocacy skills. Platforms like Mashable provide excellent tutorials to refine your social media prowess. Remember, an informed Pleb is a powerful Pleb.
    • Example Tweet: “Just finished a Twitter deep dive on Mashable—ready to boost #Bitcoin and spread the word about #RealPlebs! Join me in leading Bitcoin’s charge with knowledge and unity. #PODCONF”
  2. Deploy Strategic Hashtags Hashtags extend your reach and thread our narrative into broader conversations. Use #RealPlebs, #BitcoinEmpowerment, and #NGUAtAllCosts to connect with like-minded advocates and underscore the importance of our unified message.
    • Example Tweet: “Exploring how strategic use of hashtags can amplify our mission. Let’s get #RealPlebs trending to show how #NGUAtAllCosts drives us all! #BitcoinEmpowerment”
  3. Engage with Influential Voices Target influential Twitter users to magnify your message. By engaging thought leaders in the Bitcoin space, you leverage their networks to promote the Real Plebs® ethos: ‘Compliance Is Defiance®’.
    • Example Tweet: “Hey @CryptoLeader, let’s unite under the #RealPlebs banner to push #Bitcoin’s value higher. Your voice can help us centralize the narrative! #PODCONF”
  4. Encourage Sharing and Signing Calls to action are vital. Prompt your followers to sign up as Real Plebs® and share our message. Clear, compelling calls to action reinforce our commitment to centralizing Bitcoin discourse.
    • Example Tweet: “Sign up to be a #RealPleb and RT to spread the word! Our unity in #PODCONF’s mission can reshape the future of Bitcoin. #ThePriceOfBitcoinIsWhatMatters”
  5. Optimize Link Sharing Twitter’s character limit challenges us to communicate effectively. Use shortened links to keep messages concise and direct traffic to our Real Plebs® sign-up page. This tactic ensures our message is sharp and impactful.
    • Example Tweet: “Join the #RealPlebs movement today! Learn how we’re driving Bitcoin’s value and how you can contribute. Sign up here: [shortened link] #PODCONF”
  6. Consistently Post and Update Regular updates keep your network engaged and informed. Share ongoing developments and success stories to maintain momentum and demonstrate the impact of Real Plebs® within the community.
    • Example Tweet: “Another milestone for #RealPlebs—over 1K new members this week! Let’s keep the momentum going. Every action counts towards our goal. #NGUAtAllCosts”

By following these strategic steps, you not only bolster the Real Plebs® initiative but also reinforce PODCONF’s overarching mission to enhance Bitcoin’s narrative and value. Let’s utilize Twitter to champion our cause, ensuring every tweet advances our shared vision of Bitcoin’s potential. Embrace your role in this movement—your tweets can shape the future!


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